Saturday, August 2, 2008

What To Do With A Paint Tin

I made a similar paint can project for my daughter to hold her school memories. First I spray painted the tin with some primer and then I covered the bottom 2/3 with paper and decorated the tin with rik rak and buttons and some die cut lettering. Then I decorated the lid and added some ribbon and fibre to the handle. Inside the tin there is room for a small book - a diary - and for my daughters I first scanned all her drawings and some of her work that was saved throughout her school years and then had the scans printed 4 x 6 onto photo paper. Then I made a small photo scrapbook to fit in the tin along with those chunky little projects she brought home from school and now she has all her school memories in one tidy little tin! She loved hers - it makes a great grad gift or even decorate a tin and put in baby gifts!


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how cute!wonderful idea adding a mini album inside!